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#23 Xin Huxi Qigong part 4 – 3 Easy Chang Bao Qi Exercises to Warm the Body and Energize the Spirit

Xin Huxi Qigong has as its central concept that of “Center Breathing.” Center Breathing is breathing in a fashion such that the Dan Tian – Elixir Field – is balanced, abundant and flowing with Qi. As with any system of exercise whether it be Qigong, Tai Chi or Kung Fu it is always recommended that […]


#22 Quickly and Easily Balance Your Energy Using Simple Meridian Tapping Qigong

Traditional Chinese Medicine has been developed over a period of 3000 plus years. It is based on the BALANCE, ABUNDANCE, and FLOW of Qi through the meridians and organs of the body. To maintain a smooth flow of Qi and thus vibrant health and abundant energy it is necessary to balance your Qi and in […]