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#21 Xin Huxi Qigong Part 3 – Chang Bao Qi Center Breathing for Increasing Your Abundance of Qi

Xin Huxi Chang Bao Qi and Other Types of Breathing There are three main goals in the practice of Qigong those of Balance, Abundance and Flow. It is through the regulation of the breath that you Balance your Qi, increase the Abundance of your Qi and create a smooth Flow of Qi through your entire […]


#20 Xin Huxi Qigong Part 2 – Understanding the Yin and Yang of Qi and Qigong

It will help in your practice of Xin Huxi Qigong or any style of qigong if you have a basic understanding of the underlying Yin and Yang philosophy that is being applied. Xin Huxi Qigong Xin Huxi Qigong (Center Breathing Qigong) focuses on the chang bao qi (long, thin breath). In Xin Huxi Qigong movements […]


#19 Xin Huxi Qigong Part 1 – Breathing To Live? Or Living to Breathe?

Why do you breathe? Do you breathe to live? Or do you live to breathe? The masses would say that you must breathe so that you can live. But this is little more than just survival. As you breathe in an unconscious fashion you do nothing more than take in enough air so that the […]