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#16 Qi Cultivation Part 1 – How To Become A Qi Magnet And Create Your Awesome Reality

You can make the quantum leap to health, wealth and success using an easily learned qigong exercise that will turn you into a positive qi magnet for attracting and creating your awesome reality. You can cultivate your qi and thus increase and maintain yourself in a very positive level of vibration. It is said that […]


#15 Three Easy Qigong Exercises To Help Cope With Holiday Stress

Stress, Anxiety and Depression can ruin your holiday if you let them get the better of you! But, you already have the tools need to cope. Your Mind, Your Breath and Your Spirit are all you need along with a few awesome Qigong Exercises to alleviate the stress of the holidays. I am sure that […]


#14 Qigong and Mind Power – You Have The Power to Create Your Health and Your Reality!

Do you know how things happen, how they come about? Do you know how your mind works? Do you realize that you think in pictures? Everything you do starts out in your mind as an idea. As you are reading this you are putting the picture of letters together to form words that you hear […]