#9 The Triad of Success – How to Succeed at Anything!

Good Afternoon!! It has been a beautiful crisp fall morning, some dew on the ground and a light breeze in the air. The leaves on the maples have turned really nice shades of orange, yellow and red. It is just a wonderful day to be alive and creating my own reality.

But, Do you ever wake up in the morning and think any of the following?

“Oh Crap, another day!”
“Ugnhhh! I just don’t want to get out of bed.”
“I can’t believe all the stuff I have to do today!”
“Why do I feel so blah?”
“I am not getting anything done in my life.”
“Why isn’t what I am doing working?”
“It isn’t worth the effort!”
“The world is conspiring against me…”

I KNOW! I KNOW! argh! Why does your mind do this?

This is what I call “NEGATIVE CHATTER.” We all have it! The question is – When you get it what do you do with it? Do you let it CONTROL You? Does it “RUIN” your day? Do you become debilitated and unable to fucntion in a productive manner?

YOU CAN FIX THIS! So let’s back up a moment and examine the cause of this negative chatter. First, realize that if you have this negative chatter it is because you are choosing to create the negative chatter. Second, realize that it is your current Paradigm (multitude of ingrained habits) that is running a Program (negative chatter) that results in your Praxis (feelings of negativity, the blahs for example).

IN SUM it is your “CURRENT OPERATING MODE(COM).” Your COM is the end result of your PARADIGM, your PROGRAM, and your PRAXIS. If you understand what these three aspects are and you have an appropriate set of methods at your diposal you can rid yourself of the negative chatter and take yourself to a higher, more positive, level of vibration where you can succeed at anything.

PARADIGM, PROGRAM and PRAXIS are “The Triad to Success!”

It is interesting that your paradigm (database) determines which program (thoughts, feelings) your mind runs which results in your praxis (behavior) and at the same time if you want to alter your paradigm you must create and run a new program. This new program must be able to impress what it is that you want onto your subconscious mind in such a way that it becomes stored in your database. But, as with any database you must also have stored the appropriate triggers (keys) to activate the new paradigm. If you have not created the appropriate triggers then you will simply continue to activate (key) the old paradigm and your behavior will remain the same.

Being able to ‘flip the switch” is one of the most important programming tools that you can learn to reduce and remove the negative chatter. But as with any tool you must be “aware” that you need to use the tool. In other words, when a situation arises you need to have an awareness that it IS A SITUATION that requires you to “flip the switch.”

“FLIPPING THE SWITCH” is actually easy! When you become aware of the negative chatter simply STOP! Start thinking about something really positive! And keep thinking about that positive idea for 2 – 5 minutes. Explore positive, think positive, BE POSITIVE.

THE DIFFICULTY IS IN THE AWARENESS OF THE NEGATIVE CHATTER. Most people just think that their internal dialog is normal and they can not control it and so it just rambles on in their heads – negative, negative, negative.

BALANCE (PARADIGM) – YOU CAN DEVELOP BALANCE – increasing your awarenes is necessary to create a balanced body, mind and spirit. BALANCE needs to become your new PARADIGM. San Qi Ping Heng Qigong (3 Qi Balancing Qigong) is a qigong practice that will bring you into balance so that your awareness may begin to flourish.

ABUNDANCE (PROGRAM) – YOU CAN DEVELOP ABUNDANCE – increasing your energy, your qi through the use of will power and determination is your means to maintaining your balance. ABUNDANCE needs to become your new PROGRAM. Shaolin Dan Tian Qigong (Small Forest Elixir Field Qigong) is a qigong practice that will bring you abundant qi helping to keep you balanced and energized.

FLOW (PRAXIS) – YOU CAN DEVELOP FLOW – qi is like money, you can have a lot of it but if you don’t use it what good is it? On the other hand if you don’t have much of it, you can’t use it and again you get no where. The Key is “Flow!” For you to maintain balance Qi must flow it can not stagnate. For you to create qi, qi must “Flow!” FLOW needs to become your new PRAXIS. Ba Dong Wu Shen Qigong (8 Animal Spirit Qigong) is a qigong practice that will create a qi flow in you so that stagantion does not occur, dis-ease can not set in and balance as well as abundance will be maintained.

The Triad of Success is Paradigm -> Program -> Praxis in a cyclical and continual manner.

In terms of SUCCESS and AWESOME HEALTH this relates to your Qi being in Balance -> Abundance -> Flow also in a cyclical and continual manner.

Creating a foundational PRAXIS (practice) requires 3 Qi Balancing Qigong -> Small Forest Elixir Field Qigong -> 8 Animal Spirit Qigong in a cyclical, synergistic, integrated and continual manner.

In Summary:
Paradigm = Balance = 3 Qi Balancing Qigong.
Program = Abundance = Small Forest Elixir Field Qigong.
Praxis = Flow = 8 Animal Spirit Qigong.

It has been said by an infamous Computer Science Professor – “You now have all the tools at your disposal to solve the problem in front of you!”

Get rid of your negative chatter TODAY! and move on to SUCCESS.

In Gratitude!
Doc H
Your Mind Power Qigong Mentor