#7 Do You Know the Real Cause of Your Pain?

I woke up this morning with a stiff neck and shoulders! Have you ever had that happen to you? It was a bit chilly in the house and when i looked outside it was only 48 degrees Fahrenheit – BRRRR!!! – and it was overcast as well. But, i said to myself – “I choose to create a great day!”

And then I asked myself, what could have caused my neck to become so stiff overnight? Was it something that I ate yesterday, some physical activity, a cool draft or breeze, excess mental activity while sleeping? Regardless of the possible cause it is your own body’s immune system that is at the root of the stiffness and pain. Intentional or not your body is at the top of the list as one of the major causes of its joint and muscle pain.

You see no matter what you do you are constantly being flooed with TOXINS! The air you breathe, the food you eat, the water you drink, the exercise that you do, the exercise that you don’t do, all contribute to the accumulation of toxins in your body. When there is an excess of toxins that can not be managed by your liver and other organs these flow through your blood stream where they can travel and become deposited in your joints. When you exercise it is possible for the post-workout toxins to remain in your muscle and blood and when this happens your immune system comes into play.

Stiffness and pain are caused by the stagnation of Qi. When Qi does not flow freely and smoothly pain and dis-ease are the results. To destroy these toxins and repair the damage your immune system kicks in and its natural response is inflammation, stiffness and pain.

It is well-known and documented that Qigong can be used for the effective loosening of joints and relaxing and stretching of muscles thus promoting and increasing the flow of Qi via the blood, lymphatic and synovial fluids. It is this increased flow that has the capability of “Washing” the toxins out of your body where they have been deposited. THE KEY IS “EFFECTIVE” FLOW!!

In Mind Power Qigong, the “Eight Animal Spirit Qigong” module was specifically designed as an effective method of loosening the joints and stretching the muscles promoting the FLOW OF PHENOMENAL HEALTH. For Example, THE CRANE massages the internal organs in the abdominal cavity as it convexly stretches the muscle of the back, spine and shoulders while rooting your energy into the Earth to create a balanced flow of Qi.

As Another Example, THE DRAGON focuses on stimulating the flow of Qi in the four Qi vessels of the legs while concavely stretching the muscles of the back and shoulders resulting in an abundant flow of Qi. The remaining six animals in the Eight Animal Spirit Qigong set work in similar ways, each in their own unique way.

Mind Power Qigong can help you maintain and/or regain your health!
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Well, thanks for reading! I AM OFF TO PRACTICE “Mind Power Qigong,” and create my great day I hope that you can CREATE and ENJOY your GREAT DAY!

In Gratitude!
Doc Hufford
Your Mind Power Qigong Mentor

P.S. Mind Power Qigong is a toolbox that allows you to apply the three principles of paradigm, program and praxis so that you can achieve your phenomenal health. For more information click here: Mind Power Qigong