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#10 3 Easy Qigong Meditations – Every Day and In Every Way You Can Feel Better and Better

What a wonderful weekend and what a beautiful day it is today. Sun, leaves and 60 degrees, an awesome autumn day in the North East of the USA. Stepping outside this morning on my front porch I took a deep breath of the leaf scented fall air and said to myself “This is what feeling […]


#9 The Triad of Success – How to Succeed at Anything!

Good Afternoon!! It has been a beautiful crisp fall morning, some dew on the ground and a light breeze in the air. The leaves on the maples have turned really nice shades of orange, yellow and red. It is just a wonderful day to be alive and creating my own reality. But, Do you ever […]


#8 Are You Good At Manifesting Your Reality?

It was an interesting evening last night. A friend dropped in for a chat about life and things going on and after that my mind kicked into what I call my “pondering mode.” You know that mental mode where you think about something and then you keep having recurring thoughts about whatever it was that […]


#7 Do You Know the Real Cause of Your Pain?

I woke up this morning with a stiff neck and shoulders! Have you ever had that happen to you? It was a bit chilly in the house and when i looked outside it was only 48 degrees Fahrenheit – BRRRR!!! – and it was overcast as well. But, i said to myself – “I choose […]