#6 A Strategy for Attracting Health

It is has been a chilly monday morning here at my dojo – Dragon Fire Martial Arts. I am finishing my morning coffee as the clock heads upwards towards Noon. I was thinking about the LAW OF ATTRACTION and how I incorporate it into my Mind Power Qigong practice. I realized that what I wanted to do was ATTRACT what I am in HARMONY with.

In other words, through my qigong practice I want to become a “Magnet for Health.” And I wondered what is it that I do, that you can do as well, to place myself on, stay on, and walk the path to phenomenal health? It boils down to three concepts: FOCUS, CONCENTRATION and ATTRACTION.

FIRST, you must get a clear FOCUS on the image of your health that you want. It can not be an ambiguous image like “I want to feel better.” That is not focused enough. You think, feel better, but your mind asks what does “feel better” mean? You need a really clear image of the health goals that you want, be specific. Write down all of your health goals. THIS IS WHAT YOU WANT AS YOUR NEW HEALTH PARADIGM. This is how you really want to feel.

SECOND, you need to keep your health goals in your mind. You will need to CONCENTRATE. You will need a method, a routine, that you can effectively repeat everyday, that will create the ongoing concentration that is required to maintain your focus. This I thought to myself was my qigong practice. My Mind Power Qigong is my toolbox that creates the balance, abundance and flow that keeps me concentrating on my goals and keeps me focued on the health that i want for myself.

THIRD, you will realize that if you direct yourself, remain focued and to continue to concentrate that you will change your body’s vibrational level. Using Mind Power Qigong’s movement and breathing you stimulate the Qi and Blood, to flow through your body, this immediately changes the electrical nature and hence the “magnetic” nature of you! Through the use of Mind Power visualization and affirmation you create INTENSE THOUGHT ENERGY and again raise the amplitude of your vibrational level.

THUS – Through Focus you create concentration, through concentration you create intense though energy, through intense thought energy and Mind Power Qigong you increase the amplitude of your vibration and YOU BECOME a HIGHLY CHARGED MAGNET that ATTRACTS WHAT YOU ARE IN HARMONY WITH, that which you think about the most! Phenomenal Health!

Mind Power Qigong can help you maintain and/or regain your health.

Of course, I highly reccommend it! ;-D

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In Gratitude!
Doc Hufford
Your Mind Power Qigong Mentor