#5 Everything Looks Like a Failure in the Middle

This morning I was reading some quotes by Price Pritchett. In his book “You 2” (You Squared) he points out a very interesting fact that usually causes most people to quit moving forward towards their goals in life. Price said, “Everything looks like a failure in the middle…Half way through surgery, it looks like there’s been a murder in the operating room…”

Thus as you work toward your goals it may seems that you are in the midst of failure. This is when you need to realize that from order comes chaos and out of chaos comes order. Your mind, your paradigm, will attempt to pull you back into your old ways of thinking and derail you from the path to your goals. 

SECRET #1: YOUR PARADIGM LITERALLY CONTROLS YOUR HEALTH RESULTS! Your current paradigm was formed through REPETITION and the ideas that have been impressed upon your sub-conscious mind. Your PARADIGM dictates your LOGIC, Your PARADIGM controls your UTILIZATION OF TIME, Your PARADIGM controls your PERCEPTION OF SITUATIONS, Your PARADIGM controls your EFFECTIVENES, YOUR PARADIGM CONTROLS YOUR HEALTH! If you want to change your health you must change your paradigm because THE LAW OF ATTRACTION RESPONDS TO YOUR PARADIGM.

SECRET #2: YOU CAN CHANGE YOUR PARADIGM THROUGH YOUR PROGRAM! To change your paradigm you will need to use a program. The best program is the “EFFECTIVE REPETITION OF INFORMATION.” When you begin to change your paradigm you will begin to change your vibration to a higher state and will begin to attract the PHENOMENAL HEALTH that you desire. WHEN YOU ARE IN A ‘POSITIVE VIBRATION” the only things you can attract are things in harmony with you!! POSITIVE THINGS!!

A very effective programming tool is what I call a “Mind Power Qigong Visualization Video.” Some call these visualizations “mind movies” and their purpose is to create a clear mental picture, in your conscious mind, of what you want (health, success, wealth, etc.) through the effective repetition of the images and their impression onto your subconscious mind. Successful impression leads to new paradigm formation.

I have just finished watching my personal “Visualization Video” that I created on my computer. I watch it at least once a day and quite often several times a day. It helps me stay focused on MY GOALS and MY VISION for WHAT I WANT in MY LIFE. One of my goals is to create visualization videos, one a month, that you can use to help you reach your goals. So far I have created two that you can check out at P3MindPower – Mind Power Qigong Visualization Videos.

SECRET #3: YOU CAN CREATE A NEW HEALTH PRAXIS! “AWARENESS” is crucial! Because you have changed your vibration you must be on alert for things, for plans, for methods, for strategies, for ways of integrating your BELIEF in PHENOMENAL HEALTH into a BEHAVIOR for PHENOMENAL HEALTH. This is called PRAXIS. When they appear you must put them into action immediately! These could be flashes of ideas, images of what to do, an idea that comes in a dream or they may just pop into your head. It may be a phrase you overhear or a sign along the road or a book you are reading! REMEMBER, AS OF RIGHT NOW you are attracting the things that are in harmony with your new paradigm.

SO REMEMBER – It is a THREE STEP JOURNEY to realizing that the three secrets can lead you to positive results, to PHENOMENAL HEALTH. The GOAL being the integration of your BELIEF in PHENOMENAL HEALTH with your BEHAVIOR or PRACTICE of PHENOMENAL HEALTH.

STEP 1: Programming your sub-conscious mind for PHENOMENAL HEALTH


In Gratitude!
Doc Hufford
Your Mind Power Qigong Mentor

P.S. Mind Power Qigong is a toolbox that allows you to apply the three principles of paradigm, program and praxis so that you can achieve your phenomenal health. For more information click here: Mind Power Qigong