#4 Advancement and Crisis

It is a rainy fall day here in the FingerLakes region of New York State. I am sipping a “French Vanilla Nut” Coffee (I know! how posh!) and have listening to one of my favorite speakers – Bob Proctor. His subject was the relationship between Advancement and Crisis.

I think that you will see that he wants us to use the power of our mind to set ourselves up for positive advancement. Bob made the following statement that I think rings true. Bob said, “Advancement of all kind is preceded by a crisis. The greater the crisis the greater the opportunity for advancement.”

It is interesting to note that the masses are focused on the crisis, the negative! If you watch the news channels on cable or satellite I think you would agree that most of the news is negative, in fact really depressing. So depressing that it can weaken even the strongest of us and set us to frett, worry and perhaps even despair. You might not even sleep so well after watching some of the news. The War… The Economy… Health Care… and on and on.

What you need to do is consider the LAW OF POLARITY – it says that if it is really bad on one end then there is an equal good that exists on the other end. What you need to do is look for the good.

To do this you need to Change Your Perspective. Turn around and look to the other side and look for the good. Even stop watching the news to clear your head of the negative. Les Brown says “Get out of your head to Unleash your greatness.”

Ask yourself the question: “What is really good in my current situation?” Find It! Write It Down! Read it every day! And then Go For It! JUST DO IT! Mike Litman say “you don’t have to get it right, you just have to get it going!”

In Gratitude!
Doc Hufford
Your Mind Power Qigong Mentor

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