#3 A Strategy for Successful Qigong

I was sitting on the plane yesterday flying back to Ithaca, NY from Scottsdale, AZ where i attended the “Six Minutes to Success” First Summit. I was re-playing the words of the many speakers that were there – Bob Proctor, Bob Davies, Doug Wead, Cynthia Kersey, Frank Kearn and Les Brown. Alot of really upbeat and positive messages for how to achieve success were presented in very unique and inspiring styles.

If I had to summarize their messages and how they relate to the practice of Qigong to achieve phenomenal health, I come up with three word – FOCUS, DISCIPLINE and DEDICATION. These three words, once understood, provide you with a strategy that you can implement using Qigong to achieve phenomenal health.

These three words fit into the model of Paradigm, Program and Praxis. Your Desire is the result of your current paradigm, your ingrained habits. To change this desire, to make it burning white hot, you must create a new program. This programming is your discipline and when this is accomplished the result is your Dedication, this is your new beliefs being put into action – your new Praxis.

FOCUS – I like to think of focus as “Conscious Intensity!” It stems from your desire to obtain the health goal that you seek. To succeed in obtaining phenomenal health you must have desire, you must have a strong and deep emotional attachment to the goal of “phenomenal health.” Ask yourself, What is your desire? What is your strong emotional attachment? Why do you want to achieve phenomenal health?

DISICPLINE – Discipline is your ability or your capability to stay focused. It requires that you use your “Will” to maintain your progress toward your goal of phenomenal health. It is your discipline, your continued focus, that impresses your goal of phenomenal health onto your subconscious mind. Once you begin to impress what you desire onto your subconscious mind it immediately begins to flow towards you. But, you must remain disciplined and constantly attend to your goal. Your desire, your ability to keep the program (discipline) running, is like a fire that without the constant addition of fuel with slowly die and go out.

DEDICATION – Dedication is the result, it is the behavior that comes from desire and discipline. Dedication is the continual focus and dedication of the conscious mind to your desired goal. Dedication is the fuel that keeps your desire burning bright and keeps you moving towards your goal of phenomenal health.

Desire, Discipline and Dedication must be connected and linked together cycically. Desire leads to discipline, Discipline leads to dedication, and Dedication again leads to and strengthens your desire. Whether it be your practice of qigong or any other goal that you may have you have to choose the objective that you are shooting for, you have to choose the result that you seriously want, you have to to DESIRE what you want.

Use your desire and build a crystal clear image of what you want in your mind. FOCUS, decide what it is you want and why. Write it down on a card and continually Re-Read it. Develop your DISCIPLINE and read it everyday, many times if you so desire. Reading it everyday, maintaining your focus and discipline, will result in your DEDICATION to your goal. It will become a habit and you will keep your desire burning, like a white hot flame.

THE RESULT – phenomenal Health!

Remember – Mind Power Qigong is the power of your conscious and subconscious mind linked with body movement, breathing, visualization and affirmation so that you can create Balance, Abundance and Flow in your energy and your health.

In Gratitude!
Doc H
Your Mind Power Qigong Mentor

P.S. Mind Power Qigong is a toolbox that allows you to apply the three principles of paradigm, program and praxis so that you can achieve your phenomenal health. For more information click here: Mind Power Qigong