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#6 A Strategy for Attracting Health

It is has been a chilly monday morning here at my dojo – Dragon Fire Martial Arts. I am finishing my morning coffee as the clock heads upwards towards Noon. I was thinking about the LAW OF ATTRACTION and how I incorporate it into my Mind Power Qigong practice. I realized that what I wanted […]


#5 Everything Looks Like a Failure in the Middle

This morning I was reading some quotes by Price Pritchett. In his book “You 2” (You Squared) he points out a very interesting fact that usually causes most people to quit moving forward towards their goals in life. Price said, “Everything looks like a failure in the middle…Half way through surgery, it looks like there’s […]


#4 Advancement and Crisis

It is a rainy fall day here in the FingerLakes region of New York State. I am sipping a “French Vanilla Nut” Coffee (I know! how posh!) and have listening to one of my favorite speakers – Bob Proctor. His subject was the relationship between Advancement and Crisis. I think that you will see that […]


#3 A Strategy for Successful Qigong

I was sitting on the plane yesterday flying back to Ithaca, NY from Scottsdale, AZ where i attended the “Six Minutes to Success” First Summit. I was re-playing the words of the many speakers that were there – Bob Proctor, Bob Davies, Doug Wead, Cynthia Kersey, Frank Kearn and Les Brown. Alot of really upbeat […]


#2 Think Your Way to Health

I was sitting here this morning at my desk, sipping on some herbal ice tea and pondering over the events of last evening. You see last evening was my second night of classes teaching self-defense and kickboxing at Wells College in Aurora, NY – a small quaint Upstate, New York community that resides along the […]